The Language of Holding Space

A 5-week accelerated live Zoom course designed to empower and educate spaceholders to create deeper, lasting transformation & healing through mastering the art of holding space in a heart-centered way.

A spaceholder is anyone who regularly provides emotional support for an individual or group, including coaches, healers, teachers, bodyworkers, therapists, parents, nurses, managers, etc.

In this 5-week experience, you will:

Discover the do’s and don’ts of holding space so you can create the most heart-centered, safe, non-judgmental container for yourself & your loved ones

Master the language of holding space – understand and embody the verbal, body, and energetic language that is shared in personal and interpersonal relationships.

Learn how to hold space without actually holding anything, to avoid taking over-responsibility for others’ experiences or going into ‘fix it’ mode

Set & maintain physical, energetic, and emotional boundaries for yourself to protect your precious energy and claim your sovereignty.

Practice holding space with a community of gifted healers, practitioners, and heart-centered beings (even if you’re not a practicing healer, you are so welcome here and can learn from & benefit from the gifted healers in the space!)

Gain confidence to birth your creations into the world & step into your seat as an embodied, heart-centered leader!

Who is this course for?

Aspiring and established spaceholders, including healers, therapists, lightworkers, intuitives, bodyworkers, and coaches who desire to create deeper, lasting transformation for their clients through mastering the art of holding space in a heart-centered, compassionate way.

Empaths who are tired and worn down from taking on the energy of others and want to learn how to set strong boundaries for themselves.

Entrepreneurs, teachers, nurses, managers, and leaders who want to deepen empathy and listening skills when delivering their sacred service without burning out.

As a member of the LGTBQIA+ community, I am happy to invite all genders and gender expressions to this experience. This course is open to all and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, sexual identity or sexual orientation.

You’ll receive:

  • Ten (10) 2-hour Live Zoom Calls led by Sarah Lane (twice per week for 5 weeks)
  • 1 Transformational Breathwork Session to heal + transmute dense emotions
  • Take home Audio Practices to integrate your weekly lessons
  • WhatsApp Group Support to stay connected & support eachother
  • Accountability Partner to create connection, accountability, & community

Past Program Participants

“It helped me to regain my confidence as a coach. I now feel more confident in holding space for my clients, whether its one-on-one or in a group setting. I loved learning how to create safety in a container, and knowing the right questions to ask in order to open the floor for more healing. I now have a much better understanding of what holding space means, and I am practising every day how to hold better space for not only my clients, but my friends and family, too.”

– Roxy

“I feel so much more excitement and less fear/intimidation regarding myself as a leader and taking steps towards more leadership roles in my creative business. Prior to this course it was difficult for me to separate my own experience from holding space for others. I had a tendency to project my own experience, use toxic positivity, and suggest ways of “fixing” without seeking consent. This course allowed me to see how those habits are more harmful than helpful, and showed me how to hold space alternatively in a healthy way for both sides of the conversation.

– Alex

“I’m so much clearer on how I want to show up in all areas of life and how I can spread my light to anyone I meet, not just people I work with. When working with Sarah, I feel loved, nurtured, safe, cared for, and held.”

– Rebecca



  • Create a solid foundation of safety in your body + a safe container for healing
  • Learn the 5 Pillars of Safety that create ease and trust for yourself + your clients when doing the inner transformational work


  • Discover best practices for holding space, including what to say & do when clients/loved ones are sharing deep, emotional experiences
  • How to hold a heart-centered, trauma sensitive container for yourself + others
  • Embody the power of presence & holding the seat of the compassionate witness
  • Discover verbal, energetic, and body language that contributes to a safe container for transformation


  • Discover what NOT to do/say when holding space for yourself, clients, and/or loved ones
  • Discuss common mistakes in holding space, abuse of power, and harmful communication styles that may be creating disharmonious relationships in your personal life and/or business
  • Discuss nuances and exceptions to the “rules
  • Review the Do’s & Don’ts and put them into practice in breakout rooms


  • Discover the importance of setting boundaries
  • Learn the 6 reasons why we don’t set boundaries & the 7 types of boundaries
  • The Five I’s – five action steps needed to set and maintain healthy boundaries for your precious time, space, and energy.
  • Setting boundaries with clients


  • Step into your embodied leadership as a heart-centered communicator and spaceholder!
  • Graduation + Celebration Ceremony


  • During week 4, you will receive a bonus Breathwork Session to help you clear trauma and heal somatically.
  • Session to be held on WEDNESDAY APRIL 26 from 5pmPT to 7pmPT

This program begins on Tuesday, April 4, 2023 at 5:00pm Pacific Time.

We will meet twice per week: on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:00pmPT to 7:00pmPT on Zoom.

The curriculum is 5 weeks long, ending on May 4, 2023, with one bonus Transformational Breathwork Session during Week 4.

See full list of program dates in the Q&A section below.

If you are ready to up-level your space holding skills

while leading your life and biz with courage and compassion,

then join us today.

As a Somatic Awakening Mentor & Breathwork Guide, Sarah Lane empowers empaths, lightworkers, and healers to claim their confidence as leaders and heart-centered space holders. Her mission is to lead sensitive souls into sovereignty and empowerment as we collectively steward a new paradigm of heart-centered consciousness anchoring heaven on earth.

Sarah’s extensive training in Breathwork, Reiki, Yoga, and 400-hour Coaching provide a grounded, holistic approach that equally values spirituality and humanity. She provides a safe, non-judgmental container for emotions to be felt and alchemized.

Sarah facilitates healing retreats, transformational breathwork journeys at music festivals, 1:1 mentorship, group programs, as well as dance + movement experiences that bring us closer to Truth. Learn more about Sarah at and follow her on Instagram at @iam.sarahlane.


How long are the sessions?

The sessions will last 2 hours.

What happens on the Zoom Calls?

The Zoom Calls will include a lesson with an opportunity to practice and hold space for each other in partner breakout rooms. Due to the interactive nature of this program, it is mandatory to attend all sessions live unless prior notice is given. All sessions may include the following:

  • Lesson and practicum based on the curriculum listed above.
  • Community connection, support, and shares in a safe container for self-expression to feel seen, heard, and validated
  • Support and guidance from Sarah Lane, Embodiment Coach, Breathwork Guide, & Reiki Healer
  • Somatic experiencing & embodiment practices such as breathwork, meditation, & dance/intuitive movement
Where and when will these sessions take place?

We will meet twice per week on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:00pmPT to 7:00pmPT on Zoom. Plus, we’ll meet on WEDNESDAY APRIL 26 from 5pmPT to 7pmPT for a special bonus Breathwork session. The program dates are as follows*:

Session 1: April 4, 5:00pmPT to 7:00pmPT
Session 2: April 6, 5:00pmPT to 7:00pmPT
Session 3: April 11, 5:00pmPT to 7:00pmPT
Session 4: April 13, 5:00pmPT to 7:00pmPT
Session 5: April 18, 5:00pmPT to 7:00pmPT
Session 6: April 20, 5:00pmPT to 7:00pmPT
Session 7: April 25, 5:00pmPT to 7:00pmPT
Session 8: April 27, 5:00pmPT to 7:00pmPT
Session 9: May 2, 5:00pmPT to 7:00pmPT
Session 10: May 4, 5:00pmPT to 7:00pmPT

*NOTE: All dates are subject to change. 

What is Breathwork?

Release difficult emotions and access higher states of consciousness through your most powerful tool – the breath!

  • Positive benefits to all systems of the body, especially the immune system and respiratory system — we can all benefit from healthy lungs & strong immunity right now!
  • Release and process difficult emotions such as anxiety, grief, sadness, and loneliness
  • Connect with intuition by turning down the critical, judgmental part of our brain to allow for our intuition come forward
  • Access intelligence that lives in our bodies and activate non-ordinary states of consciousness, which can cause a shift in perspective on a particular issue, invite something new to come through, or process memories

This is NOT a quiet, sleepy meditation. This is an active, embodied practice. If you have a history of heart conditions, psychiatric disorder, PTSD, sleep disorders, seizures, or if you are pregnant, you may want to skip this or take it very slowly. It is a powerful breath.

What You’ll Receive:

  • Breathwork experience hosted by Sarah Lane, Breathwork Guide, Reiki Healer, & Embodiment Coach
  • Community support & connection following the breathwork session
  • Guided visualization and meditation to take you deeper into the experience and access inner wisdom
  • Distance reiki healing energy (yes, it still works through the ethers!) to assist with emotional, spiritual, and physical healing

How to prepare:

  • It is recommended to refrain from eating 1-2 hours prior to practicing breathwork. Water is fine.
  • You want to be laying down on your back for this practice. I recommend a yoga mat and a blanket. If you tend to run cold, grab two blankets! Your body temperature may change during this practice. Do not put any pillows under your head, but you can use them for under your knees as a bolster or even for yelling into later on in the practice if you need to.
  • Music is a huge part of this experience so you’ll want to ensure you have good sound quality – headphones work best.
  • I also ask that you place your camera where I can see the upper half of your body to monitor your breathing. This is for your safety and so I can energetically hold the space for you. 
  • Grab a journal, pen, and water for after your practice. 

You can also read more about Breathwork on Sarah’s website here.

What is the time commitment for this program?

The entire curriculum is five weeks in an accelerated format. We will meet for 4 hours each week, diving into the content. You will also meet with an accountability partner outside of our regularly scheduled sessions for 30 minutes per week, for a total of 4.5 hours per week.

When does the program start?

This program begins on Tuesday, April 4, 2023 at 5:00pm Pacific Time. See full list of program dates in the Q&A section above.

What are the facilitator’s qualifications and training?

Sarah Lane is a 400-hour Certified Embodiment Coach, Breathwork Guide, Reiki Level 2 Practitioner, and 250-hour Certified Yoga Instructor. A full list of trainings & certifications are below.

Coaching Trainings:

Certified Coach (400-Hour Program focused on Embodiment & Emotional Healing), Hungry 4 Happiness

Certified Life Coach, The New Skills Academy

Womb Sciences Immersion, Usha Anani / Womben Wellness

Loyalty to Your Soul Spiritual Psychology Workshop, The University of Santa Monica

Insight I Graduate, The University of Santa Monica

Emotional Intelligence Workshop, Heathere Evans

Temple of the Womb, Nadine Lee / Tantric Alchemy

100-Hour Cosmic Sexuality Training (in progress)

Embodied Intimacy Workshop, Jake Woodard

Creatrix Academy, Prosperity Queendom

Yoga Trainings

200 Hour Power Yoga Certification, CorePower Yoga

Yoga Sculpt Training, CorePower Yoga

Power Yoga Extensions Program, CorePower Yoga 

C2 Intensive Program, CorePower Yoga

Breathwork & Energy Healing

Breathwork Training, Chris Keener/GoldenAir Breathwork

Reiki I attuned/certified, All is Well Holistic Center

Reiki II attuned/certified, FreedOhm Wellness

What is the investment?

The investment for this 5-week accelerated course is $2,222. We do not offer payment plans.

Will there be call replays?

Yes, all calls will be recorded except for the partner breakout room portions. The Zoom Calls will include a lesson with an opportunity to practice and hold space for each other in partner breakout rooms. Due to the interactive nature of this program, it is mandatory to attend all sessions live unless prior notice is given.

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