The Embodied Creatrix

your feminine power so you can experience more confidence, self-love, & pleasure.

Do you want to deepen your spiritual and embodiment practices?

Have you tried all of the self-help books, podcasts, and workshops, and still feeling stuck or frustrated?

Are you ready to live in alignment and experience more self-love, confidence, & pleasure?

Are you ready to serve the world in a bigger way and live a purpose-driven life?

You deserve to live a happy, fulfilling life filled with ease, freedom, love, and purpose.

If you’re tired of over-working, people-pleasing, and perfectionism, it’s time to step into your Feminine Creatrix Embodiment.

Awakening your Divine Feminine energy will allow you to set strong & healthy boundaries for your time and energy so you can rest and replenish your beautiful body and mind. 

All humans have a balance of masculine and feminine energies, each with Healthy and Unhealthy qualities. When we integrate and embody the healthy qualities of both the masculine and feminine energies, we live with clarity and purpose while surrendering to the divine flow of Love that is guiding our lives. 

An imbalance of these energies can also result in disconnection from your body, from others, and from yourself. Low libido and other female imbalances may also occur.

THE EMBODIED CREATRIX program provides a safe container for awakening your Feminine energy so you can experience more confidence, self-love, and pleasure.

Through this 1:1 mentorship program, you will embody the Creatriyou were born to be, connecting with yourself in a deeper way and living a deeply fulfilling life that is purpose-driven and aligned with your values.

What is a Creatrix?

She is a powerful, feminine force of nature who lives and plays by her own rules, co-creating her life with Source and following her intuition.

She embodies her Highest Self, the part of her that lives life with purpose, love, and intention.

She is connected to her higher power and understands the laws of the Universe, using them to fulfill her greatest potential on Earth.

What is Embodiment?

Embodiment means fully inhabiting and loving your body. There is no longer a struggle between your mind and body, and they live together in harmony. 

You listen to the signals and messages that your body sends you. When you learn to deeply listen, you can extract the wisdom and then alchemize the energy into creative expression while healing emotional suffering.

Embodiment practices such as intuitive movement, dance, breathwork, yoga, reiki, and embodiment coaching techniques, you’re able to get out of your head and into your body, so you can EMBODY (that is, move, walk, and talk) as your Highest Self.

The Creatrix Code

We’ll take a unique phased approach throughout the program

Crystal Clear Vision

Phase 1

  • Intentions: Clarify your vision and higher purpose goals; What do you want to create? What’s your purpose? What are your higher purpose goals in life?
  • Outcome: Gain clarity, focus, and direction, which will guide the rest of the program.  Where focus goes, energy flows.
  • Modalities: Meditation, Coaching

Wild Woman Rising

Phase 2

  • Intentions: Bring the darkness into the light; we cannot change what we are not aware of. Explore the true blocks and obstacles that are holding you back.
  • Outcome: Heal past wounds, transmute limiting beliefs/old stories, heal past traumas
  • Modalities: Shadow Work, Inner Child Healing, Womb Healing, Reiki Healing, Breathwork, Coaching

Creatrix Embodiement

Phase 3

  • Intentions: Integrate all parts of you; embody your Highest Self
  • Outcome: Set boundaries, love yourself, experience joy & pleasure. Move forward as the authentic version of yourself, successfully living out the vision you set in the first phase.
  • Modalities: Dance, Yoga, Intuitive Movement, Vocal Activation, Breathwork, Reiki Healing, Coaching (optional: Yoni Steaming & Yoni Eggs)

You’re Invited, Sister

Join me for a 3-month mentorship journey into embodying your Highest Self so you can live a purpose and pleasure filled life of ease, joy, and freedom. 

My commitment to you is to deliver loving support, mentorship, guidance, and teachings to assist you in releasing old patterns, stories, and wounding so you can live freely and fully.

Through our 1:1 mentorship container, you will receive spiritual and practical tips on embodying your Feminine energy and a non-judgmental healing space for your transformation.

Words of Kindness

Prior to working with Sarah, my biggest challenges were confidence, fear, and my view of my life. Changing the way I viewed situations and life itself. My top breakthroughs while working with Sarah were learning how to reparent and love myself. I can view situations differently than before and reflect on why that has triggered me.

I now have the ability to speak my truth and make loving choices for myself and family. My relationships have become more healthy. I am starting my own business after years of fear and frozen state of mind. I have also begun to read more to expand my spiritual knowledge. I have made a choice to create an Etsy shop and I am working on creating art intuitively. At the end of each session,  I feel enlightened, aligned, and more free

Hannah D.

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