Sister, are you ready to claim your Queendom as your most fully expressed, sovereign, and confident self?

A Queen represents the healthy integration of both feminine and masculine energies. She embodies self-worth and nurtures her Queendom with care; while making decisions with clarity, confidence and discernment. It is your birthright to feel worthy, abundant, loved, and aligned with your soul gifts! A Queen loves and accepts all parts of herself and leads with compassion, purpose, intention, and power. This can be you, sister!

Do you struggle with people-pleasing, perfectionism, codependency, or an inability to clearly communicate your needs?

Does your inner critic and negative self talk hold you back from authentic expression?

Are you tired of hustling, over-working, and striving for success and feel like there must be an easier way?

Do you find that there’s a constant battle between your head and your heart?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s time for you to step out of Princess mode and embody your Queen within.

All humans have a balance of masculine and feminine energies, each with Healthy and Unhealthy qualities. When you integrate and embody the healthy qualities of both the masculine and feminine energies, you can shift from Princess to Queen, allowing you to live with clarity and purpose while surrendering to the divine flow of Love that is guiding you.

Our early relationships with our Mothers can often dictate our feminine qualities and our relationships with our Fathers can dictate our masculine qualities. That’s why we’ll focus on Inner Child Healing and Womb Healing – as so much of what we believe and the pain we carry is programmed during childhood and even during conception.

An imbalance of the Feminine energy, specifically, can result in disconnection from your body, from others, and from yourself. Low libido and other female imbalances may also occur.

There’s nothing wrong with you, sister. You don’t need to be “fixed”. You just get to learn how to love the parts of you that created these protective coping strategies to begin with. The wounded parts of you deserve more love, not less.

The Queendom program provides a safe container for integrating these energies so you can feel confident, passionate, authentic and in alignment with your deepest truth.

An archetype is an idea, symbol, pattern, or character-type, in a story that symbolizes something universal in the human experience. If you’re experiencing any of the “Princess” qualities below, then it’s time to invoke your inner Queen!

Through this 6-month private coaching mentorship, you will:

  • Shift from Princess to Queen by claiming your space through embodiment and healing your Inner Child so you can speak your truth and express yourself fully.
  • Deep dive into feminine and masculine energies to reprogram patterns from low self-worth to embodied confidence.
  • Cultivate confidence to birth your creations into the world and allow yourself to be seen.
  • Create consistent self-love and spiritual practices so you can support a positive and loving relationship with yourself.
  • Learn the art of surrender and feminine magnetism to develop deeper self-trust and trust in a higher power.
  • Activate divine feminine codes to receive greater levels of abundance, love, and pleasure.
  • Reframe your beliefs around money and success to remove money blocks and claim your dreams and desires.
  • Gain clarity on next steps to live in alignment with your soul’s purpose in work and relationships.
  • Enhance self worth and self love so you can banish negative self talk and heal the inner critic for good.
  • Quit numbing and over-analyzing by getting into the body to fully express and transmute dense emotions into light – AKA free yourself, Queen!

Words of Kindness

I uncovered that one of the roots of a lot of my current reality is from not being listened to as a child. I felt as though I was never heard, or when I would try to speak it wouldn’t be understood or the dialogue was flipped to how the other person was feeling instead of what I needed. Through that I’ve found that my child learned to quiet herself, to not use her voice, to please others at the expense of herself, to store her emotions, creative ideas, etc. and this started within the house but then I’ve seen how it’s played out in friendships, corporate round tables, etc.. And in the process I lost my voice and have since been trying to reconnect to my voice and in my quest to find my voice, is my quest for deeper freedom. I am fully stepping into me.  I feel freer than I ever have before and the chains of others judgements has lifted off of me. I feel as though I can feel my bright energy pouring into my work, my relationships, my self, all the things… I feel as though I’m blossoming and blooming in the most real way.  I just feel like me again but then an upleveled me, a me I knew existed but had felt she needed to hide herself from the world.

– Britt O.

My biggest breakthrough was channeling my inner child and truly breaking down some barriers. I have seen both internal and external results as a result of working with Sarah. Internally, I have met and worked with my inner child to work through memories (many of which, I forgot were even there). I have learned my self-worth and how to forgive myself which has been a struggle throughout my whole life. Externally, my relationships have become stronger as well as my boundaries. I learned how to set boundaries for all aspects of my life and to return to those boundaries to make sure I’m on track with the agreement that I made to myself. I feel very safe and understood with Sarah. I can speak and tell her my most intimate truths without any judgement on her end. She listens so intensely and is relatable.

– Kelli C.

It would be an honor to guide you over the next 6 months, so you can awaken the Queen within you!

Queendom is a 6-month private coaching and embodiment mentorship program designed for the woman who wants to claim her Queendom by activating and integrating her divine feminine and masculine gifts, while cultivating the confidence to birth her creations into the world.

Your specific Queendom may be:

  • The way you show up as a leader in the workplace
  • How you interact powerfully with your lover, with clear boundaries to build a healthy relationship
  • How you prioritize your own personal growth, self-care, and connection to Spirit
  • Your embodiment of unconditional loving presence in friendships and sisterhood

Book your free Confidence + Clarity call today

If you’re sick of self-doubt and ready to banish the negative self talk and inner critic for good, it’s time for us to dive in together.

Are you ready to claim your desires, live your purpose, and feel SO good in your feminine body?

Here’s what you will receive during our 6 months together:
  • Twelve Coaching/Embodiment* sessions to receive 1:1 support and healing through powerful coaching & embodiment practices, including Breathwork and Dance/Intuitive Movement, Yoga, and Reiki Healing. (2 sessions per month)
  • Integration Practices after each session to continue embodying the work on your own

PLUS, these special bonuses for you, Queen:

Replay of “Awakening Your Divine Feminine” Workshop | Deep dive into masculine/feminine energies and experience a Womb Healing Breathwork & Meditation

Free Admission to virtual events hosted by Sarah Lane


Hey sister! I’m deeply grateful that you landed here. You’ve taken the first step to cultivating more confidence, self-love, and pleasure into your life. 

You are worthy of investing time, energy, and resources into your personal growth and healing. You don’t have to do this inner work alone, AND it gets to be fun!  I would be honored to be your guide.

It’s time to claim your space, speak your truth, and own your Self sovereignty. Claim your Queendom, sister! Let’s do this together.

Photography by Bridget Farhat and Shadi Moon

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