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Women’s Embodiment Circle


Connect to your soul and your sacred vessel in a safe container of community, love, and sisterhood. We meet virtually twice per month on Zoom. We’d love to have you!

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Awaken to your truth, live in alignment with your purpose, and heal the past through the power of your breath.  Breathwork is a powerful way to heal physical and emotional pain, clear limiting beliefs and habits, and remove obstacles to claiming your desires and manifesting your dreams.

Breathe With Sarah

The Embodied Creatrix


If you’re tired of over-working, people-pleasing, and perfectionism, it’s time to step into your Feminine Creatrix Embodiment. Awakening your Divine Feminine energy will allow you to set strong & healthy boundaries for your time and energy so you can rest and replenish your beautiful body and mind.

It’s time to Embody the Creatrix you were born to be!



Embody your inner Queen by harmonizing healthy Feminine & Masculine energies and cultivating confidence to birth your creations into the world. Queendom is a 6-month private Embodiment Coaching Program with Sarah.

Embody the Queen within!

Retreats & Special Events

Sarah collaborates with other healers and coaches to create sanctuaries for healing to occur in group settings – both online and in person.  To receive the latest updates on retreats and special event offerings, sign up to receive email updates below!

Words of Kindness

Looking back, I can see that my biggest challenge was my fear of myself. Things that I knew, but didn’t want to remember. I was an expert at numbing, which led to low self worth and respect. I coped with my fear through numbing because that fear was too hard to bear. I drank/used drugs and disrespected my body with partners. As a result of our work together, I know myself better. I loved that you helped me feel grounded through meditation before we opened up. You also helped me strengthen my faith in my highest Self. I’m crying writing this because trusting myself again is more than I could’ve asked for when I signed up. I have learned to tune in more inward for answers and they seem to come up when I need them. I started massaging the backside of my body (hamstrings, calves, feet) and my eczema went away.  I have been “doing the work” for 6 months, and this was the missing piece. Sarah, I’m finding it hard to put into words how much of an impact you have had on my life and I’m not one to get gushy (well I didn’t use to be), but thank you. Thank you for helping me remember my worth. Thank you for bringing me back to my body.

– Paige

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