Embodied Feminine Collective

hello sister!

Have you been calling in a community of women who “get you?”

A community of heart-centered women that value spirituality, embodiment, and love?

Women who know how to hold space for you, see you, and honor you for exactly where you’re at?

You’ve come to the right place.

Welcome to the

Embodied Feminine


The Embodied Feminine Collective is a safe space for spaceholders, lightworkers, teachers, healers, artists, entrepreneurs and spiritual seekers who identify as women to express their emotions while awakening their spiritual gifts supported by sacred sisterhood. Together, our awakened feminine hearts create Heaven on Earth.

In this community, you will:

  • Receive support and resource yourself so you can fill up your cup before & after holding space for others
  • Deepen your connection to yourself, your body, and spiritual sisters

  • Heal loneliness & isolation that often accompanies a spiritual awakening or healing journey; you don’t have to do it alone!

  • Express your emotions and truth in a safe container of heart-centered women

It’s time to reclaim your confidence and embody your authentic expression through sacred sisterhood!

What’s Included

You’ll Receive:

  • Monthly 1:1 Coaching Session with Sarah Lane (30 mins)
  • Admission to 2 Women’s Embodiment Circles Per Month
  • Admission to 1 Blissful Breathing (Virtual Breathwork) Per Month
  • WhatsApp Group to stay connected, share wins, and promote your offerings/gifts
  • Replays of the sessions if you cannot make it that night
  • Free monthly Sisterpass to bring a friend!

PLUS these bonuses:

  • Special members-only discounts on my offerings ($300 off THE EMBODIED CREATRIX or $500 off Queendom)
  • Healing tools and practices for your feminine awakening and embodiment journey
  • First dibs on upcoming retreats and events held by Sarah Lane

Words of Kindness

“I had so many revelations about where my life is currently and how I can and should honor that, as well as what I want next. I felt so connected to the stories the other women shared and it felt amazing to open up and share. We went from strangers to adamant supporters in under an hour and that was a unique and amazing feeling. So much magic!

I feel like the breathwork and embodiment has really been calling out to me and I plan on seeking out similar experiences. I would definitely like to come back to this group and reconnect with the safe space in the circle.

I loved Sarah’s facilitation. The journal prompts and the energy of the group yielded so much more insight in my writings than I have experienced solo journaling. I love that Sarah guided us so gently and everyone got to speak. I also had a really good experience with the breathwork  and movement she led. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!”

– Kelly B.

“Sarah is an incredible facilitator that makes everyone feel seen and heard. Her presence elevates the space yet is warm and welcoming. She is a clear expert at her craft and creates a safe container for any emotion to arise and be felt through her guided breathwork and movement.”

– Rebecca C.

Are you ready to join us, sister?

There is a community of women already waiting to greet you and welcome you into this space with open hearts!


$497/month for a 6-month membership

When you sign up by August 20, you’ll receive a bundle of recordings of practices you can do on your own – breathwork, meditation, & healing workshops!

Monthly Circle Topics

Sep – Harmonizing Masculine & Feminine Energies

Oct – Integrating Your Shadow

Nov – Healing Family Wounds

Dec – Womb Healing & Yoni Love

Jan – New Year Intention Setting Rituals

Feb – Healing Unworthiness

Join today!

About Sarah

Hey sister! I’m deeply grateful that you landed here. You’ve taken the first step to cultivating more confidence, self-love, and pleasure into your life. 

You are worthy of investing time, energy, and resources into your personal growth and healing. You don’t have to do this inner work alone, AND it gets to be fun!  I would be honored to be your guide on this journey. Click the button below to learn more about me!

It’s time to be held, seen, and uplifted in your journey. Let’s do this together.


How long are the sessions?

Both the Women’s Embodiment Circles and Blissful Breathing sessions will last 90 minutes.

What happens in a Women’s Embodiment Circle?
  • Sacred embodiment practices such as breathwork, vocal activation, & dance/intuitive movement to get you out of your head and into your body
  • Sister connection, support, and shares in a safe container for self-expression to feel seen, heard, and validated (group shares and/or breakout rooms)
  • Discussion and journal prompts to help you get clear on what’s in the way and what’s preventing you from moving forward
  • Loving support and guidance from Sarah Lane, Women’s Embodiment Coach, Breathwork Guide, Yoga Instructor, & Reiki Healer

Each month, we’ll have two circles:

The first circle will be a themed workshop training with a theme/topic where I’ll teach you about something & then we’ll do an embodiment practice with it. Monthly themes are as follows:

August – Releasing Sacred Rage

Sept – Harmonizing Masculine & Feminine Energies

Oct – Integrating Your Shadow

Nov – Healing Family Wounds

Dec – Womb Healing & Yoni Love

Orgasmic breathing, cervical breathing

Jan – New Year Intention Setting Rituals

Feb – Healing Unworthiness

The second circle will be more experiential and interactive, where you can share & integrate this teaching with your sisters. The circle may include partner break-out rooms, group shares, group embodiment practices, and/or journal exercises.

Where and when will these sessions take place?


The Women’s Embodiment Circles occur twice per month via Zoom on Wednesdays at 5:30pmPT/8:30pmET. The dates are as follows*:

Aug 11, 2021
Aug 18, 2021
Sep 8, 2021
Sep 22, 2021
Oct 13, 2021
Oct 27, 2021
Nov 3, 2021
Nov 17, 2021
Dec 1, 2021
Dec 15, 2021
Jan 12, 2022
Jan 26, 2022


Blissful Breathing occur once per month via Zoom on the third Monday of each month at 5:30pmPT/8:30pmET. The dates are as follows*:

Aug 16, 2021
Sep 20, 2021
Oc 18, 2021
Nov 15, 2021
Dec 20, 2021
Jan 17, 2022

*NOTE: All dates are subject to change. I will send an email in advance with any changes to these dates.

What is Embodiment?

Embodiment means fully inhabiting and loving your body. There is no longer a struggle between your mind and body, and they live together in harmony. 

You listen to the signals and messages that your body sends you. When you learn to deeply listen, you can extract the wisdom and then alchemize the energy into creative expression while healing emotional suffering.

Embodiment practices such as intuitive movement, dance, breathwork, and yoga, you’re able to get out of your head and into your body, so you can EMBODY (that is, move, walk, and talk) as your True Self.

What happens in a Blissful Breathing session?

Release difficult emotions and access higher states of consciousness through your most powerful tool – the breath!

Join Sarah Lane and a group of beautiful souls for Breathwork and Meditation so you can experience the bliss of this human existence and return to your natural state of peace. 

  • Positive benefits to all systems of the body, especially the immune system and respiratory system — we can all benefit from healthy lungs & strong immunity right now!
  • Release and process difficult emotions such as anxiety, grief, sadness, and loneliness
  • Connect with intuition by turning down the critical, judgmental part of our brain to allow for our intuition come forward
  • Access intelligence that lives in our bodies and activate non-ordinary states of consciousness, which can cause a shift in perspective on a particular issue, invite something new to come through, or process memories

This is NOT a quiet, sleepy meditation. This is an active, embodied practice. If you have a history of heart conditions, psychiatric disorder, PTSD, sleep disorders, seizures, or if you are pregnant, you may want to skip this or take it very slowly. It is a powerful breath.

What You’ll Receive:

  • Breathwork experience hosted by Sarah Lane, Breathwork Guide, Reiki Healer, & Embodiment Coach
  • Community support & connection following the breathwork session
  • Guided visualization and meditation to take you deeper into the experience and access inner wisdom
  • Distance reiki healing energy (yes, it still works through the ethers!) to assist with emotional, spiritual, and physical healing

How to prepare:

  • It is recommended to refrain from eating 1-2 hours prior to practicing breathwork. Water is fine.
  • You want to be laying down on your back for this practice. I recommend a yoga mat and a blanket. If you tend to run cold, grab two blankets! Your body temperature may change during this practice. Do not put any pillows under your head, but you can use them for under your knees as a bolster or even for yelling into later on in the practice if you need to.
  • Music is a huge part of this experience so you’ll want to ensure you have good sound quality – headphones work best.
  • I also ask that you place your camera where I can see the upper half of your body to monitor your breathing. This is for your safety and so I can energetically hold the space for you. 
  • Grab a journal, pen, and water for after your practice. 

You can also read more about Breathwork on Sarah’s website here.

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