Breathwork and Meditation

Breathe Your Way Back to Well-Being

“As you breathe in, you are taking in the light of existence, cleansing, purifying, and nourishing all aspects of your being. With each out-breath, all the light you’ve taken in goes into the world for the healing, awakening, and well-being of every heart.
– Matt Khan

Breathwork is sweeping the wellness industry and spiritual communities are even calling it “the new yoga” — and for good reason! Your breath is your most powerful healing tool and you have access to it at all times.

There are many kinds of breathwork and meditation techniques taught across the globe. Sarah Lane specializes in teaching Conscious Connected Breathing, which is a 3-part breath technique followed by a guided meditation & visualization.

Why Practice Breathwork?

Benefits of Breathwork & Meditation include:

  • Improve sleep, better mood, and increased focus
  • Release old energies and activation of new energies
  • Heal mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual wounds
  • Connect to your Higher Self and to the Universe/God/Source/All That Is
  • Process difficult emotions such as anxiety, fear, guilt, grief, sadness, anger, loneliness, and shame
  • Strengthen immune system, respiratory system, and nervous systems
  • Connect with intuition by turning down the critical, judgmental part of our brain to allow for our intuition come forward

Breathwork Services

Private Breathwork Sessions

A private 1:1 Breathwork session with Sarah is a powerful way to heal physical or emotional pain, clearing limiting beliefs and habits, and remove obstacles to claiming your desires and manifesting your dreams. Your private session is customized based on your intention and the specific problem you’re looking to solve through Breathwork.

Group Breathwork Classes

Breathwork is an excellent addition to parties, ceremonies, corporate gatherings, and retreats. A cohesive experience that brings people together on a soul-level, Breathwork can make your event extra special with memories that last a lifetime. Sarah also hosts group Breathwork classes online and in-person (San Diego) which she announces regularly on her Instagram and email list.

Corporate Meditation & Breathwork Classes

Businesses and employees alike can benefit from higher productivity, focus, and access to creativity through Meditation & Breathwork. Team bonding and empathetic connections can be made in the workplace to promote a more positive working environment and less employee burnout.

“I’m able to breathe so much deeper and more intentionally and truly feeling more well-being in my entire body and energy, thanks to the incredible breathwork journey led by Sarah Lane. She has such a powerful way with words and just holding a safe space for you, and the music is amazing, and the community aspect after it all to integrate the experience with others who just went on it with you, even though it’s virtual, feels like we’re all in the same room! Thank you so much, Sarah, I can’t wait for the next one!”

–Golebahar T.

Book Your Breathwork Journey

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As a Breathwork Guide, Embodiment Coach, Reiki Healer, and Yoga Instructor, Sarah Lane empowers humans to heal themselves through the power of breath & movement so they can live with purpose, intention, and love. 

With 11 years yoga experience and 3 years Breathwork experience, Sarah embodies the mind-body-soul connection while empowering you to find your own guidance through connecting with your body’s wisdom and Higher Power.

While teaching yoga, Sarah deepened her passion for pranayama (yogic breathing techniques) which later inspired her journey to practice Conscious Connected Breathing and other transformational Breathwork techniques. She now facilitates Breathwork journeys via private sessions and group workshops that inspire, heal, and breathe new life into all who experience them.

Sarah provides a safe, non-judgmental container for emotions to not only be felt, but to be transmuted into the light. She believes that going within and extracting the wisdom that the body holds is the best way to overcome limiting beliefs while receiving clear direction on the life path ahead.

Sarah resides in North County San Diego where she enjoys dancing on the beach and hiking in nature. 

“The breathwork was so amazing. I just loved so much doing it…I was a little doubtful that it would work well online but to my surprise it was super cool. Sarah is an angel.”

– Virtual Breathwork Participant

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