Hey Friends,

I’m here to tell you that YOU are magnificent, radiant, and enough. You were put on this planet for a reason and you can make an impact. How do I know this? Through my own journey of healing and spiritual awakening. Instead of carrying on about all of the trainings I’ve done, certifications I’ve acquired, or coaching I’ve received, I’m just going to share my heart with you. Because this is heart-centered work.

I am a recovering people pleaser

I was always afraid of rocking the boat, speaking my truth, or saying no – in fear of losing the approval of others. It was only when I learned to love and approve of myself that I realized people-pleasing isn’t actually serving anyone. I learned to tap into the infinite wisdom of my heart and womb to set healthy, loving boundaries for myself and speak my truth. I’m here to offer you the same tools and knowledge, sister!

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A little more about my journey…

Throughout my teens and college years, I fell in love with the party. I am a naturally sociable person, and the numbing effect of alcohol was a perfect storm to help me dissociate from my emotions.  I was always looking for deeper connections though. Looking for more, wanting more out of life, feeling lost and not really sure what I wanted – but I knew that what I was doing wasn’t “it”. Through yoga teacher training, I reconnected to my body, mind, and soul – I was starting to come home to myself. The yogic path gave me tools to achieve physical and mental well-being through right diet, exercise, and meditation. I learned to tune in and listen to my body and give my body what it really needed. And that was just the beginning. My past relationships were a mirror for me – by choosing people who I perceived as “emotionally unavailable” I realized I, too, was not being as emotionally available to myself or others and therefore was unconsciously blocking myself from receiving the level of depth and intimacy that I was craving. I also learned that I was unconsciously attracting partners who had similar qualities as my father, whos love, attention, and approval I craved as a child and never received. It was only until I gave all of that attention, approval, and intimacy to MYSELF and my inner child – that I truly found peace and self-love. Once I began to fully accept my feminine essence and body and untangle the patriarchal stories of hustle, criticism, and competition, I was able to fully embody more pleasure, confidence, and joy in my life. Now I’m living a fulfilling life aligned with my Higher Power in a place that I’m in love with, and co-creating the life I desire, not what society tells me I should desire. What do you want to make space for in your life?  Schedule a 1:1 conversation with me to tell me about it. I truly want to know!

With so much love & gratitude,

Sarah Lane

Words of Kindness

Sarah, I can’t even begin to thank you…I really don’t think I’d be in the space that I am and have a different way of looking at things if it wasn’t for you. Thank you so much for being a part of this crazy, vulnerable journey with me and allowing me to see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I am doing this deep work and I do believe that I am going to be able to find clarity and get back to a full me. I want to be able to have full autonomy of myself, know myself, and be comfortable with myself and with my choices…I honestly couldn’t have done this without you.

– Denise S.

My first session with Sarah was my first session with a life coach, and Sarah did not disappoint! She has a warm, centered, and calm energy that allowed space for me to be vulnerable and open. She asked poignant questions that encouraged me to think critically and contemplate my current challenges. The outcome of our discussion provided me with actionable tasks that I could use to help myself. She is unpretentious, very insightful, and clear in her suggestions for navigating barriers. Sometimes, we need a guide to help nudge us in the right direction. Sarah is exactly that guide! I highly recommend her services.

– Colleen S.

Credentials & Experience

Coaching Trainings & Self-Discovery

Certified Coach (400-Hour Program focused on Embodiment & Emotional Healing), Hungry 4 Happiness

Certified Life Coach, The New Skills Academy

Womb Sciences Immersion, Usha Anani / Womben Wellness

Loyalty to Your Soul Spiritual Psychology Workshop, The University of Santa Monica

Insight I Graduate, The University of Santa Monica

Emotional Intelligence Workshop, Heathere Evans

Temple of the Womb, Nadine Lee / Tantric Alchemy

100-Hour Cosmic Sexuality Training (in progress)

Embodied Intimacy Workshop, Jake Woodard

Yoga Trainings

200 Hour Power Yoga Certification, CorePower Yoga

Yoga Sculpt Training, CorePower Yoga

Power Yoga Extensions Program, CorePower Yoga

C2 Intensive Program, CorePower Yoga

Breathwork & Energy Healing

Breathwork Training, Chris Keener/GoldenAir Breathwork

Reiki I attuned/certified, All is Well Holistic Center

Reiki II attuned/certified, FreedOhm Wellness

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