It’s time to say YES to your Higher Self Embodiment

Are you ready to create a loving relationship with yourself so you can experience more confidence, pleasure, and joy?

The first step is to download & listen to my FREE Guided Breathwork Journey to cultivate self-love and access divine wisdom from within.

Embodiment Coaching is for you if you’re ready to…

Cultivate Confidence & Self-Love

  • Heal your inner critic and unworthiness so you can end the battle between your head & your heart
  • Learn how to accept and love all parts of yourself
  • Cultivate the confidence to birth your creations into the world
  • Feel strong and balanced in understanding your emotions without them overtaking you

Set Boundaries & Speak Your Needs

  • Open your heart to be vulnerable with others to create more meaningful and deeper connections with friends, family, a lover, and/or colleagues
  • End people-pleasing patterns, codependency, and self abandonment by setting healthy boundaries 
  • Feel free to be yourself and speak your truth without the fear of rejection or abandonment

Live in Alignment With Your Truth

  • Trust your intuition, which is accessible through going beyond the mind into your body
  • Invite more ease and pleasure into your life as you align with the truth of who you really are
  • Stop doubting yourself and follow your intuitive guidance 
  • Live in alignment with your truth and purpose to make a greater impact on this world


Hey Queen!

I’m deeply grateful that you landed here. You’ve taken the first step to cultivating more confidence, self-love, and pleasure into your life. 

You are worthy of investing time, energy, and resources into your personal growth and healing. You don’t have to do this inner work alone, AND it gets to be fun!  I would be honored to be your guide.

As your mentor & coach I will help you

  • Enhance self worth and self love so you can banish negative self talk and heal the inner critic for good.
  • Cultivate confidence to birth your creations into the world and allow yourself to be seen.
  • Activate divine feminine codes to receive greater levels of abundance, love, and pleasure.
  • Reframe your beliefs around money and success to remove money blocks and claim your dreams and desires.

Words of Kindness

Since working with Sarah I’ve been able to see how the body was a missing component to my true alignment. Now that I’ve learned ways to “get into the body” as a way to express myself and truly move stuck emotions, I feel that there’s been this unlocking of unity between mind, body and soul. I genuinely feel more empowered, sexy, & strong. I trust myself. I trust fully in my higher power. I trust this process. I’m learning more and more how to love myself for all of the light and shadow parts.


Embody your inner Queen by harmonizing healthy Feminine & Masculine energies and cultivating confidence.

Queendom is a 6 month private Embodiment Coaching Program

Connect to your soul and your sacred vessel in a safe container of community, love, and sisterhood

Join the Women’s Embodiment Circle

Awaken to your truth, live in alignment with your purpose, and heal the past through the power of your breath.

Book a private Breathwork journey

The hardest “YES” I ever made,

was quitting my “secure” 9-to-5 job to commit my life to helping people transform their lives. As soon as I said “yes”, the Universe conspired WITH me to help me awaken the divine feminine to anchor Heaven on Earth during this important time in history.

Years of investing in personal growth and healing modalities have all led me to where I am now: a grateful, resilient human with radical self-love who knows how to navigate change and difficult emotions. This can be your truth, too!

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